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Offering Far Cry 5 Activations (Available languages: English, Russian, Chinese)
Contact: (Discord Citronella#7400)

It's best you have game already downloaded so you just get a small patch, you can however download the game through Uplay if you have fast DL speed.
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Aypro30.03.2018 20:08:39Quick and easy transaction, highly recommended !
MORPHEUS28.03.2018 00:04:36Don't worry about him having reviews only from 2016. I bought Far Cry 5 and it was easy. I downloaded files from uplay. Friendly & fluent Engli
$ 4g1d4 *3rei.ch16.12.2016 17:22:10hes goood guy, good vendor and thx for wd2
TEKnogod01.12.2016 12:59:03thank you!
msaitwei01.12.2016 12:37:18Everything OK, wd2 works fine.
Dalet17.11.2016 07:11:52Trustworthy seller, will definitely use again.
Edit: I bought 3 more games from him without issues.
them bumbaclot vex me16.11.2016 01:11:28Excellent service! I did not have to do a single thing. The seller was very patient with a mistake I made and rectified the issue.
Sharkiie10114.11.2016 10:51:16Using his service second time, super fast and all works great
CasperNox14.11.2016 03:11:36Great seller, she activated Dishonored 2 in few minutes. Everything was good inc. communication and she was very helpful overally. Strongly recommend!
LingLingAndy13.11.2016 21:34:58ty
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