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You can buy lifetime reactivation package for all my games listed here for 15$
Also the Origin Games are available;

Hello potential buyers welcome to my profile.
With over 900+ happy buyers and being selling on this site since its inception(1 year),you can trust me when it comes to activating your games.

skype- live:damagev326
Search that on skype desktop client.It will come up as Toxic cc.That is me.Its a blue cyborg avatar
Only add me via skype.My steam account used in this site is my smurf.

Contact me on discord if u cant find me on skype..Just open the link on your browser and send me a message-- https://discord.gg/hx8jfv9

Or email me directly at dipankar2007ind@gmail.com with your skype user id i will add you up.

About activation and using teamviewer
I understand you might feel hesitant letting a random stranger access your pc.Because of that i also use a NO TEAMVIEWER method to activate your game.For that to work, you the buyer needs to be good at english and decent with PC so you can follow my instructions which are only in ENGLISH .
Again if i gonna use it or not is completely upto me.But if you want the no teamviwer method tell me as soon as you add me so i decide what to do.

Ignore the bad reviews.Most are fake and done by jealous people.

My reputation on reddit.
What separates me from other.You not only get activation but also reactivation.I speak English and very helpful.You can read all the reviews about me on the Reddit thread.

Watch dogs 2+ Dishonored 2=Free Homefront revolution.

Also i sell division,rainbow 6 seige uplay accounts
I also sell steam accounts of all the games i sell.Steam account will be made with your email.You can then family share this game to your main steam account.Prices are cheap.
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devoutbullet16.01.2017 22:28:52Very good seller. He was patient and walked me through everything. I would definitely reccomend and i will likely return myself
xXGianmarcoXx13.01.2017 23:45:40The boys is very Profesional in his "job". The prices is very very low is good 10/10 (italian)
Any caries?12.01.2017 04:00:12Good service for cheap! Teamviewer service was quick and hassle-free! Thumbs up.
gabor.dienes11.01.2017 10:11:09Go for Dishonored2, lifetime package - all went well, this guy is a gem! Thanks!
MR.E10.01.2017 03:38:3310/10 Perfect Thanks
Inugamiz10.01.2017 02:57:51Very profesional, it tells you exactly what you need and knows what he's doing. Potential seller.
jamalthegamer210.01.2017 02:25:50Had a quick chat with this dude and soon i was playing WD2.fast and easy.
shaunleavy1909.01.2017 00:29:44Bought watchdogs 2 lifetime for $5 sorted within 10 mins awesome dude will be buying again
Chancellor PalpaKetDab07.01.2017 21:34:30Very good seller, Great help, didnt want to use teamviewer so we worked around that, Will definitely buy again! Cheers Bro
gazoon00707.01.2017 14:28:38Nice bro, very friendly and guideful, and fast response... It's like i wanna give him 10 reputation for just one activation... really, lol
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