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Im From India, Installtion via Teamviewer/Ultraviewer and payment via paytm.. I put 1$ on this site, but Rs 300 will be the amount of each game as Rupees cant be put. if u have problems in launching the game and need reactivation it will be free. Its my personal account so dont worry :D For people who dont live in India i will accept 5$ steam wallets as a payment. I will activate first and then you pay me.
This will be for Farcry 5
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Shaun_the_KiD #MATTERCHOD03.04.2018 08:23:25I have till date activated 3 games from him ... and he never let me down ... Boi <3
✘ THEPRO ✘27.03.2018 17:30:50is not 1 USD. this is a scam.
Desolator20.11.2017 17:10:19this guy is great. Bear with him and he will get u thru to the game u want. Trusted guy, will trade again gladly. Thank you
anirban.mallicks1401.12.2016 05:51:13HII I AM IN INDIA HOW WILL I BUY GAME
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