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OverkillGaming23.06.2016 22:31:55Legit best seller out there, bought ROTTR didn't regret it he was very kind and explained everything. I RECOMMEND!
sabir00223.06.2016 20:47:45Very nice person. Very helpful. Would recommend. I am very satisfied.
Blackkiller19.06.2016 20:21:40Legit fast activation, bought ROTTR and HITMAN and he was kind enough to let me download it from his profile.
Telkom08.06.2016 06:16:48Scammer
Hardstrike06.06.2016 15:43:17He's a legit seller. I will buy only from him from now on. He waited for me to download from his account, really patient! WOULD BUY AGAIN!
Unknown16.02.2016 22:21:46Took my money and cut off communication. DO NOT BUY FROM HIM! I opened a dispute with Paypal. Looks like his couple review are probably fake.
CptWeed03.02.2016 17:09:29Just bought ROTTR. Very fast activation and very gentle! This guy is awesome!
triow02.02.2016 21:13:01bought two games, very satisfied. Thank you for supporting

SK: Odporucam super obchod :)
mateus_31802.02.2016 20:46:00Big Thanks and Fast Activation.
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