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//// Contact info ////

Battlefield 1 Available
Watch_Dogs 2 Available

//// Payments ////
any Credit Card to my Payoneer

//// Hows the process? ////

Games are activated via Steam/Origin and TeamViewer.
Its safe, you can see everything i do during the process so you dont have to worry.
You cant play online or get the account online, because we dont share password and you wont
be able to login. See below for more info.

//// Do i need my Steam Account? ////
-We dont ask any password!-
No, you will use a shared account which will contain the game you want, we dont ask any password and you can use your steam personal account like always.

//// So, what i need then? ////
Make sure you have TeamViewer installed
Make sure to download all the games you want before activation, if you need help finding where, contact me.

//// What happens if my game doesnt work anymore? ////

You can contact me and I can Re-Activate games for free if you encounter any problems, like Windows Update, Hardware Change, Getting Online by error, etc.

Feel free to ask any question.

----Battlefield 1 and more-----
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Scott29.09.2016 12:06:39HeyGuys this bad review i received its from the elite guys, those who sell at the price they want and have a lot of REP just because im cheaper.
harshdadhania0121.09.2016 04:11:43Very trustworthy person and nice guy . activated far cry primal within seconds . highly recommended
leopunkhrcore01.09.2016 23:39:33Greath seller, buy Batlefront :) amazing A++ 18:42:55Bought Batman AK and works fine i can finally play it without performance issues activation was really fast so I highly recommend him for any game.
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