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Dam Savis11.12.2016 02:57:36Helped me with Watch Dogs 2. Nice, patient, and trustworthy. Will explain everything.
S. Johannesen02.12.2016 14:24:18This guy is purely fucking amazing! such a good guy it ended up with me giving him some games for the extra work.

Thanks God skandan :D
Stropniik19.11.2016 15:36:29relly good guy
Drunken_Monkey06.11.2016 13:45:06good trader and a nice patient guy
Great Racoon Chief21.08.2016 07:46:13This guy is trustworthy. He doesn't take PAYPAL, he takes Wallet Codes. Our deal was a little bumpy, but he was helpful and came through! Recommend
fec03.08.2016 03:34:53Legit seller, got my access and support really well.
IIIIIIIIIIII26.07.2016 15:43:20Doesn't take Paypal, wants other stuff. Fishy! Beware!
ssgsswaraj5120.07.2016 15:54:56Good seller I got Unravel and Mirrors edge from him...eventhough i paid first I was bit afraid if he may cheat but he was very genuine..Must TRUST HIM
★Beatz20.07.2016 13:09:13I though this guy is a fake random troll, but he is trustful and helpful.
I got the game yesterday, I recommend you guys to buy the game from him
Unicorns Killed My Girlfriend20.07.2016 12:14:40Im not the type of guy who goes first , but this guy is really trustworthy .. 420/69 "Would Trust with my Nudes" -IGN
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