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I\'M FROM THE U.S. English is pretty native LOL! Why go to other sellers whom you can bearly understand?

Skype: gknova61
Telegram: @denuvoseller http://t.me/denuvoseller

From the U.S. so I don\\\'t speak other languages unfortunately :(

About activation and using teamviewer (from toxic)
I understand you might feel hesitant letting a random stranger access your pc. If you feel this way, I also have a NO TEAMVIEWER method to activate your game. For that to work, you (the buyer) needs to be good at english and decent with a PC so you can follow my instructions which are only in ENGLISH.
If you do not feel comfortable with english or you\\'re not familiar with what a Firewall is, please let me activate your game over teamviewer as it will go quickly. I do not care about what porn/shit you have on your computer as I have my own :)
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Phoenix03.04.2018 06:32:05Friendly Guy. . .Worked well with payments!
FaPPy29.03.2018 04:42:33Awesome and friendly guy. Thanks for FarCry5.
Blob28.03.2018 23:30:11Walked me through the whole process for Far Cry 5, done in no-time. Thanks!
rushy27.03.2018 21:13:58Very fast honest service, true to his words. Went in and helped me set it all up via teamviewer, quick to the point and done. Will be back for more.
S. Johannesen27.03.2018 17:49:58Amazing guy, did it fast and I mean fast.

Also got a coupon so I saved a dollar off him (be nice, maybe he does the same ;) )
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