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I will give the activation first and after you can pay or not, you choose !
For non-donators : require to download a rip of the game before the activation

For donators : You can download all the games you want though my accounts

Additional infos

Dont trust the bad reviews they are from sellers who make that beacause i "steal" their buisiness beacause i give free activations, but remember : Sharing is caring.
also wanted to thanks all my users for the awesome support they provide, the messages, the donations and also the ones who gives me offline activations, you all rocks !

I give offline activation for different games ask me anything on steam/skype (For download or questions about how it works)

I prefer steam for contact and trade.
I speak French and english (I live in france)

Skype: martin.hardant
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Weekend of 201726.12.2016 01:10:08A very kind seller and a smooth transaction. Would do service with again!
Mo3vius17.12.2016 16:44:04Nice guy very fast recommend him,
wild_blood-dragon11.12.2016 21:19:59Nice guy, activated watch dogs 2, I payed him a dollar. Recommended
Kube08.12.2016 21:43:48Activated watch dogs 2 for free, but i payed him a dollar since hes a nice guy!
AladinTECH™07.12.2016 23:13:45Best guy, recommend him, fast activation !!!
dududux csgo-skins.com06.12.2016 19:48:29gived 2 games to me for free and both worked with no problems.
Walker06.12.2016 13:53:20Sympa, patient, efficace et très rapide! Un plaisir d'avoir eu affaire avec lui!
Kind, patient, efficient and really fast! A pleasure to deal
yuseonghyeon05.12.2016 17:43:16so kind seller. I was lucky to meet him.
hilarious04.12.2016 17:36:39the best dude in the world. answered and activated very fast. advise to all:)
ArkothFEAR04.12.2016 15:56:38Super quick process, he did it for free, negative reviews are fake AF, nice guy also to hang out in skype too.
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