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Hello my dear friends
You can ask anything or find torrent files in my discord channel
I\\\'m also have origin games

I\\\'m on this site since its inception, more than 10 months.
All games usually with season pass and I\\\'m guarantee free reactivations and updates.
U just have to download the game(torrent-files in my discord channel) and install teamviewer.
Ignore that negative reviews. It is fake made by filthy haters/competitors/scammers

!!!Please contact with skype(Ctulhu94) or discord, never answer on steam or e-mail!!!
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EpicMe14.01.2017 19:39:19Good seller, trustworthy. Made everything work fast.
omarrr99414.12.2016 15:10:16Simple and quick, it was my first time using this site and he explained everything in advance. And procedure was quick. Really good seller
Hex Sigma09.12.2016 11:24:34
flashxml07.12.2016 09:47:33Doesnt reply to skype message, I dont know what it is wrong with this user
Boris06.12.2016 03:09:02Everything works well, good job!
Lopeitge03.12.2016 12:21:12Doesnt reply to skype message even after sending him message.Not recomende really bad seller
Imma Police01.12.2016 20:53:05Bought watch dogs 2 wroks fine thanks
rbarbulescu01.12.2016 17:39:23Bought Battlefield 1, works like a charm. I would buy again from him
acid punch01.12.2016 09:43:54+rep
nikostito30.11.2016 21:51:56Great seller. Extremely fast at installing the game for you. Nothing sketchy!
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$1 \ 60 руб.ВЕСЬ МИР
$1 \ 60 руб.ВЕСЬ МИР
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