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P.S. ANTIDENUVO have english version. Just click on the flag at the top.

About games:
Lords of the Fallen - Premium Edition
Batman: Arkham Knight - Premium Edition
Metal Gear Solid V - All DLC\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s for Singleplayer
Deus Ex Mankind Dividied - Premium Edition
Just Cause 3 - Air & Land & Sea Expansion Pack
Rise of the Tomb Raider - Premium Edition
HITMAN - Full experience
Resident Evil 7 - Without DLC\\\\'s
INSIDE, ABZY, Mad Max - doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t have any DLC\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s
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DominikP13.09.2016 08:46:45Friendly guy, you dont need to make anything, he take the fully work,

would buy again, thanks !
Median02.09.2016 16:10:19The best seller out there , correct and patient. Highly Recommended
hardkase30.08.2016 11:25:42Nice Guy, Quick Service.
gopnik26.08.2016 12:35:5310/10 Quick, reliable, knows his stuff. I recommend this guy !
Novofreeze25.08.2016 12:47:45Fantastic dude, finds his way around your messy PC without problems. Were done in less than 10 minutes, even with fuckups on my end. 10/10 mate.
enik198724.08.2016 08:37:46Very quick activated DeusEx, smooth A++
potatosalad30824.08.2016 07:53:08Fuck this guy, first he takes a day to respond then he tells me 6$ for me, wtf is that supose to mean. Just because i live in USA i should pay more?
Warhead 7423.06.2016 19:13:28He said, should you buy the game on STEAM
hnorbi1011.06.2016 12:32:23He did it very fast ,friendly guy would buy from him again.
lovelylara211.06.2016 02:20:49helped me thru teamview installation, and let me have game even with screw up in payment process causing lower fee to him
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