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Get access to every current and future games for just 10$(Including Steam, origin and uplay Games) including unlimited reactivations and future updates

First of all I apologize for being inactive for a long time (bad circumstances). shit happens with everyone. I didn't go rogue, I'll never dupe anyone, I'd rather get duped than doing it to someone else. still if you don't believe me and had paid 10$ before then you can get any game you want from my library. I didn't buy any new games since 2017. I'll be starting all over again with DEATH STRANDING, and if you're one of my old customers believe me you won't be disappointed with the offer I have for you. contact on skype and whatsapp.

You can trust me blindly. You can pay me after the activation. Good for those who do not have paypal, you can transfer money to my bank or pay me through steam wallet code. You can also add me on whatsapp if you dont have skype.

1. I can speak good English
2. No need to download rips of can directly download through my account(Only for steam games)
3. No need of teamviewer...I will give you my account info (need to use teamviewer for origin games if you ask for verification code for second time)
4. Pay after activating the game
5. You can also add me on whatsapp if you dont have skype.

skype: sagar.saini95
email id:
whatsapp: (+91)-9971701838
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brad16.06.2017 16:06:11This guy has gone rogue. Requested reactivation for Mass Effect and Nier and just been ignore. Will never deal with him again.
xyz2theb03.06.2017 20:58:40Very smooth transaction,purchase went through without a hitch.Will definitely buy again from seller in the future.
Mr Stim24.05.2017 10:50:37Edit. unfortunately, this person has gone dark, after paying him 10USD, not responding to me in skype any longer

ORiON13.05.2017 13:26:31Easy and fast. Thanks man.
Xyph13.05.2017 12:27:57Awesome dude, really fast process, I recommend it. Keep going man ! Thanks a lot.
Justix13.05.2017 10:01:12Second successful transaction with this seller, no issues and he was quick to answer questions. Highly recommended!
Mr. Roboto12.05.2017 18:59:25Excellent seller. Great experience - fast, easy to understand. Recommended.
SaltKing07.05.2017 19:04:08quick replies, reliable service, replies typically within 10 min. definitely recommend
marcelo_f_v07.05.2017 12:04:23Excellent seller, in less than 1h was already playing FIFA17;)
MrToxicCodes06.05.2017 16:03:40Bought Prey off of him and got sniper elite 4 for free. 100%
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